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Back to feeling like sh** again



I hate going through these mood swings. I hate it because the one spot I thought I had under control has gotten bigger. Ugh. I hate you I hate you I HATE YOU! I'm convinced that this is why people become drug addicts and alcoholics.

I think one of the problems is I haven't really been eating the past two days because I haven't had time really and when I do hae time I just forget about it because I'm not hungry at that moment.

I hate this. I hate my face. I feel ugly.

I'm not ugly. It will go away. I have to be patient. That's the rational part of me speaking but that's the version of me that's way under the surface right now. I feel like going home again because there my parents don't judge me for having obvious problems with my skin. Effin sucks. I'm gonna go take a shower. I already got up super early and did the moisturizer routine. I need to calm down. :D


Sweety, don't get upset! I'm very sure you are not ugly! I know exactly how you are feeling, I hated to wake up and dreaded the moment I had to wash my face cause then I would have to look in the mirror. Stick to your routine and you will get there. A few days ago someone told me I was looking different, that I was looking better. But she couldn't really say what was different about me. I told her it was my skin, that I no longer had any active acne and she was just surprised at the fact that I did have acne!! When you have acne I guesse we tend to make it worse will others don't really see it that much as we do. You will get through this!! Take care :-

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Thank you for that. I was in the middle of an emotional breakdown this morning when I read this and you made me so much happier. I'm beginning to think that this acne that I'm having is related to hormonal issues. I don't know...there's definitely a deeper issue though because I used to be happy all the time but now I cry and get depressed a lot and I'm definitely thinking its hormones.On top of that I think the guy I'm seeing was a little freaked out by the fact that I broke down in front of him this morning which didn't help my stress levels. I just need to calm down. But thank you :-

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