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Just Received Acne.org Regimen, trying it 1st time as I write this!



So it seems that everyone has begun their profiles by giving some history of themselves and their experiences with acne. I've had acne since I was about 10-11 years old, which used to be quite severe. Everyone around me chalked it up to the sure signs of puberty and believed it would go away with time. My face has cleared up somewhat since then, but I have tried numerous creams as well as prescriptions Minocin and Tetracycline - which do shit all and screw up your eating habits. About a year ago I found out I have a condition which affects my menstrual cycles as well as my hormones, therefore explaining why my acne has remained persistent. I am on Birth Control now to regulate my cycles and my family doctor has experimented with different brands that aim to control/assist with acne. So far, there are only 2 that I like. Cyestra (best by far, but had to stop taking it because it did not regulate my cycle as well) and Tri-Cyclen Lo. I am currently on Apri, which as far as I can tell does not do anything for my acne. I am considering asking to go back on Cyestra, since my periods were less than a week 'late' and would not make much difference anyway. I am happy that my acne is not severe, but it has been a long battle and I do feel kind of upset when I feel bumps on my face. I am aware that because of my condition I will probably always have acne in some form, but I do want to do my best to control it if possible :D

How did I find this site? I was actually looking for reviews on Accutane because I've been debating whether I should be looking into that. I need to see a dermatologist first though. Through checking out various products and reviews on this site, I've decided to order everything on the regimen and try them. I've had nothing but positive experiences with BP lotions as I've been using one prescribed by my family doctor. The problem is that it is a small bottle and turns my face ghostly white, so I was excited at the thought that these products would be generously sized as well as clear. I bought Aveeno ultra-calming moisturizer as well the other day and saw noticable results in keeping my face smooth after the BP lotion after only a few days. It really does reduce redness, stop itching associated with BP and leave my face feeling smooth. I love it.

I'm really hoping the products on the regimen will work for me as they seem to have worked for others. :D


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