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61st day of accutane



Hey i know i havent posted in a while its because i have felt so depressed but now that i feel a little better i will blog i wish i looked better too but i dont i dolook a little better than i did the first month im a little dissapointed because i have heard the lots of ppl usually clear up by the end of their second month but i know all ppl are different and it might take me longer...what i dont like is that evrey time a pimple dries up it leaves a scar so bad and super red i just hate it...i have kind of gotten use to all the stares like if im a monster they still bother me but i dont think about them as much what i dont like is when a peson comes up to me and askes sarcasticly a question about my acne. Im still breaking out allot my face is not really dry. But at the end i have some hope my derm gave me some words of advice


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