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3:04 PM and I'm ok



Ok so this morning I was obviously not in the best emotional shape but today has been a good day so far. So my face is still broken out...OH WELL. I have covered it up as best as I can with makeup and I know that my guy still likes me even though I am broken out so that's really the best thing. I skipped one class today and it wasn't because I was emotionally distraught...it was because I went to lunch with the guy and had a good time :D

I was even able to sleep this afternoon and now I have a break for an hour until my next class so overall I am in a good mood. I still don't like looking in the mirror but I can smile at myself at this point at least. It really doesn't look that bad I have to keep telling myself that. It's a few spots and by next week they should be down and I will be back to being happy...BUT I will have to maintain the BP and using this new cleanser and moisturizer.

Which btw I love! I used a terrible type of moisturizing system before and my chin and area around my mouth was so flaky but today it hasn't been that bad. To touch up, and this may sound weird, but to touch up I put a little neosporin on which helps too. It probably isn't the best way to touch it up but it works for me and hasn't caused any problems yet that I know of. I just took another ibuprofen so hopefully that'll help with the swelling and pain some more.

I just have to keep telling myself that life really isn't that bad. I am still a beautiful person no matter what kind of skin problems I may have at the moment and I know that I will be on track to taking care of them soon. One or two spots aren't gonna get me down even if they are the size of Texas (which they aren't). I know that probably not a lot of people read this since I write a lot but I just need to type it all out that way I have told someone...even if it's only myself as I'm typing. But anyway, life really isn't that bad right now and hopefully I maintain this attitude for the next couple of days while these biotches take their course.



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