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I have discovered an amazing skin care line called Suki about a month ago.

I've been using their Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser 3 times a week in the evening

before bed in place of my regular cleanser (dove soap). It has done a

tremendous job at brightening up my face and the acne marks that I've been

dreading to get rid of for a long time! I am so in love with this cleanser. it's more

like a gentle scrub, but since my skin is a bit sensitive...I use it only a couple of

times a week to give my skin a rest. It contains absolutely 100% natural ingredients,

no chemicals, no alcohol. It's non-comedogenic and cruelty free which is HUGE plus!

I only use this scrub when my skin feels a bit more calm and I have less or not as

inflamed pimples...it works best. but if you have cystic acne, I wouldn't recommend it

because it might further irritate your skin. Me, on the other hand, I have learned to

keep my skin under control...now I'm just trying to maintain and prevent it from

further damage.

I highly recommend this skin care line. do yourself a favor, check it out. no harm will come

from using their products because they are all 100% natural.


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