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7 AM and I wanna go home



I hate looking at my face in the mirror. I used the aveeno complexion clearing face wash last night and the ultra-calming cream which granted is supposed to be for day time but since this stuff doesn't clog pores then it should work at night too, right?

I put more BP on and it looks even bigger today. It has been four days since it's birth and I am ready for it to die already. Like ok, it looks like it's coming to a head but at the same time it hasn't yet. Like you can see the white under the surface in the middle of the flaming pink but it hasn't emerged yet. Effin sucks.

I hate looking like this and it has a cousin not too far away from it...thank goodness it's smaller.

I am in such a bad mood though like constant verge of tears. I am thinking about going home for the day and missing my four classes this morning which would not be good. I already missed this first class twice and if I miss again then I start getting docked. I suppose I could go home tomorrow for the day. I only have linear algebra in the morning but sh**...I have a quiz I forgot. God I hate life so much right now.

Last night my guy and I hung out and he is just so good y'know? He doesn't even look at it. He only looks right in my eyes. I feel like a gigantic gross mess and he just looks back with warmth in his eyes and its so nice and here I go again on the verge of tears as I write this.

You ever feel like you shouldn't be loved because of your acne/breakouts? Please if you have felt this way leave a comment and how you cope with it. :D


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It's other people's love that I use to keep me going. I almost called off work last night and am already debating if I should tonight. The only real thing I can tell you is until things get better.....where your hood up and sit in the back of the classroom. Sucks to say, sucks to do, but wtf ya know?

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Keep your head up... :)It sounds like you have a loving, supportive man in your life right now. There are many people who do not suffer with acne, that do not have that support :-...Beauty B

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