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As in, REEEEEEASONS by Earth Wind and Fire. Anyway.

I realized that my skin had been looking so bad mostly because I wasn't treating it well. What a breakthrough, right? The irregular pill taking had something to do with it too; I went back to popping them daily and it seemed to settle down some. Makeup goes on much easier now, too, so that's nice.

I have literally six pills left. Now my blog is a countdown to sadness.

Upper lip zit still there, skin around it still flaking, but it's on its way out. Side of mouth still cracking open, lips still chapped as hell. I don't mind much - hey, I don't have to use moisturizer after all. That still befuddles me, but whatever. I may be about as tall as a fourth grader but behold my resistance to all medications. I feel like you'd have to give me the dose you'd administer to a large horse with any sort of pharmaceutical. It's weird and dumb and inefficient, and it doesn't even mean that I can drink heartily to excess now that I'm an old woman.

Woe. Also, I got rained on and stink but I'm so tired right now I could die. I've been sleeping irregularly for the past several days, and for the most part don't get solid rest at all. I'm going to crawl into bed and PASS OUT. Woo.

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