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Day 116 - Accutane



I didn't have any active acne this morning. ahhhh life is GOOD!!!!!!!!!! :D

I think my skin is starting to improve and I can tell that bumping up my dosage up for 80 mg per day really did the trick, I will stick with it all the way through next month as well, I can't wait to see where I'm at a month from now. No news really, besides my lips have been REALLY dry this week other than that, my skin is improving significantly every day.

ABOUT MY SCARS AND RED MARKS: I am still looking for good ways to treat my red marks and groovy little tooth pick scars. Any suggestions?


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hey! glad things are going wellI dont know if you remember but i started like the same time as you did. Anyway i cleared up pretty fast and have been pretty clear for a while, I saw my derm last week and he wrote out my last scripts, i got about 2months left. Anyway I dont need to see my derm again unless things go bad i guess.I still got alot of redmarks/hyperpigmentation/and scarring though. Should of went on accutane ages ago :) Anyhow i asked about the redmarks/scarring and my derm thinks it will get alot better 3months post tane. I understand about the redmarks fading, but i really dont think the scars will improve much. But he seemed to think i'll be happy with my skin by then, and if im not to come back at 3months post tane and he'll recommend me to some acne scar specialist. I'll let u know how that goes, but here's hoping time works its magic :-

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hi i hadmy last derm appointment the other day and i too have red marks whci the derm told me would face in 4-6 moths maybe even a year and not to have ant kind of treatment and that if i needed it she will refer me to a specialist but she reassured me that i wouldnt need to and i trust her judgement.... she did how ever give me a cream vitamin A to apply 2-3 times a week no more because my skin is really sensitive as will yours be but said i have to start to use it 3 weeks after not beeing on roaccutane so im waiting for three weeks and then i will start to apply it.... im just going to wait to see if the scars fade my skin is looking soo soo smuch better now... im sure yours will toogood luck... :-

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