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Keeping my head up!



Mood: :D

Day: 17

It's been awhile since I last updated! Time sure flies...yet I wish while I'm on accutane that it would fly faster~ lots to update! Honestly I'm feeling pretty ugly right now...my acne is red than ever and when I touch my face it feels smooth in the morn but at night it feels bumpy and it hurts. I wonder why I have to suffer from acne, when I see other ppl w clear skin I can't help but feel envious. Plus when I'm out I don't see a lot of ppl w acne...where are u guys? Haha.

I'm trying to keep positive As other things in my life are turning around for the better! First of all, I'm still overseas, it's been exactly a week now! So... I did my interview a got a call back for a second interview! I'm so excited!! Thank u for all ur support~ It means a lot. Like I say to ppl, u really don't know how bad acne effects u until u actually experience it firsthand if don't then u will never understand what acne sufferers go thru. Anyways I am pretty proud of my progress so far as I've heard more than 1000ppl applied. During the interview I looked into the interviewee's eyes, made sure I was pleasant and I didn't even think about my acne. I had too much to worry about just for one day I decided not to even think about it. That helped. I actually surprised myselfthat I was able to overcome my embarrasemet of having acne on top of that having the examiners looking at my every move...

My second interview is next week! Wish me luck guys! This one is 5-6hour interview...oh how fun!

It's been 17 days and I know it's too short of a time to expect anything...but I've been reading other ppl blogs and around this mark some ppl have mentioned that their skin is clear and acne free... Mine is definitely not the case. It has gotten better but not to a Point where I can praise it's progress. I wore makeup at the interview and I plan to do the same on my second. Could not and will not go w/o it, anyways my skin has been becoming dry and when I wear makeup my skin becomes more dry that it would flake off...i've been wearing clinique moisture surge lotion but I think pretty soon I need something stronger than that. My lips have become pretty dry too. Everynight I have to glide on my lipgloss/chapstick before going to bed. I constantly have to put it on thruout the day now. Also I got a little rash on my hand. It's not bad and it doesn't itch or anything but I'm scared it might spread but so far it hasn't. I've been wearing lots of hand cream and that seems to keep it at bay. Also to note other than my acne bumps my face tone and texture seems to be getting evened out.

I wish everyone is getting good progress on ur accutane journey~ good luck and remember to keep ur head up high!


Good luck in your intercview and with your progress :)I'm on day 22 and my acne is not cleared yet, and far from it, right now. Don't worry, you are not alone in this process!

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Good luck in your intercview and with your progress :)I'm on day 22 and my acne is not cleared yet, and far from it, right now. Don't worry, you are not alone in this process!
thanks! Yea it's such a slow process ..it's nice to know I'm not alone hehe. Thanks for the encouragement~ hope ur progress is going well so far!

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