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So I just introduced myself in the introduction forums and now I've decided to blog because I need to tell someone about what's going on with my problematic face because I'm too embarrassed to talk about it with the people I know, including the guy I'm seeing.

I just wish it would go away. I never had this problem before about a year ago and now it is this persistent leech in my life that sucks all my life spirit out of me and makes me even more self-conscious than I was before. And I'm sorry for spelling errors I'm typing quick because I have to go tutor in about 20 minutes.

Anyway, I just really hope to find someone on here who has the same problem I do...not necessarily bad acne but the occasional breakout that litters my face and makes it impossible for me to be happy. Even though it doesn't look that bad! It's one little spot that is making me feel like complete crap and people keep asking me what is wrong with me and I'm SURE they can see it. I should upload pics of the sucker but my camera is out of commission.

But yeah, that's pretty much all I have to say right now. Except tonight is hangout night with the guy and I'm just not thrilled for him to see me like this. He's seen me like this before but I hate that it keeps happening y'know? It's been constant for the past month...as soon as one goes away another one pops up. Am I being too depressed? I am aren't I...I'm letting this control my life and I shouldn't. I'm gonna take a deep breath. Ok...I took more than one. Off to tutoring. :D

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I;m on the same boat with ya. I dont have crazy bad acne but wtf the shit that i do got really pisses me off and like i dont want to do sh*t. I dont want to go to work, out with friends, have pp over, noting. I hate lookn in the mirror. And its like WTF!!!!! already. Go AWAY!!!! WTF did I do to deserve this shit. i just want to be normal ya know. Wake up. and not even have to look in the mirror becuase i know everyting is ok. The times when my face is clear i'm so happy. like i can be myself but when i break out i get sooooooo depressed. it ike takes my life away and i let it ge me down. I fn hate it!!! Even now I'm dreading going to work because I got some marks on my cheek that are fading and an active lil fucker on my chin that i hate. N it's like I kNOW everyone looks at it because I look at that shit on other ppl. (Sorry if I swear to much) I wish everyone had acne so i can feel somewhat normal. And what really pisses me off is there are some real bad ppl out there. ike ppl that rape, and kill, and rob, and do all bad things and there skin is fn perfect. Here I am a person taht rys to do good in life and I break out. Like WTF!!!. I can serious type all day about this shit and all my feelings so I'll just stop now before I throw my laptop off the wall. LOLCheck out my bog.

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