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Sudden dry "scaly" skin unlike normal dry skin~~problem with my regime?



this is my regime(including exercise):

-6am- wake up and wash my face with cetaphil, then take a shower--softly pat dry afterwords

-i dont do anything to my face except an occasional mosturize between 5-7

-8pm-excersize for one hour, gently wiping off as much sweat as possible

-9pm-jump in the shower and temperature is neither scolding hot or cold- i dont wash my fash or touch my face but i let the water go over my face

-11pm-wash my face with cetaphil (splash water with warm water, squirt into hand and lather in hands, wash face for about ten seconds)

-1120pm-apply epiduo (acne spot treatment) small amounts

i do all this and i have a very precise schedule, what ive been noticing recently is that ive been getting a scaly patch of dry skin on my cheeks and its starting to get dryer on my forhead. im afraid to apply more mosturizer because it makes my skin read and splotchy and also oily looking. im also hesitant to change my schedule but its apparent that i need to. ANY advice? i also drink PLENTY of water, and probably should get more rest, but my diet is at its best as well.


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