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Day 33 New me due to accutane?

Karen L.


- Accutane day 33 on 20 mg.

- No new acne.

- Dry and flakking skin.

Already a month on accutane! I remember my IB ,what a horrible week and a half I had. I even considered stopping my accutane course during those days, I'm so glad I didn't. Since my 20th day on accutane I had acne freeeeee skin, just red marks from my IB. I haven't had new acne for 13 days and when I apply make-up you can't see a thing.

I'm quite a shy person, polite to others but shy. I do see a slight difference in myself when I meet new people and introduce myself to them. Not looking down at the floor anymore, I used to avoid eye contact like crazy. Now I feel very confident and may I say pretty? :D Am I becomming a new person or is it just that my major insecurity has been eliminated.

I've always had a lot of attention at school, work and even just walking down the street. But every time someone would call me pretty or the like, all I could ever think of was "you should see me without make-up". Comments people would give me made me actually feel worse as opposed to give me a good feeling. I just felt I was fooling everyone, because every time I would look in the mirror without make-up I saw the real me and it wasn't pretty at all. I know a lot of women (without acne) wear make-up, however they already have gorgeous skin.

Come to think of it I feel very sorry for the guys with acne. Guys don't wear concealer, foundation and powder... they are quite the brave ones. I think if I was a guy I would wear make-up anyway, or is that me just being feminine.

Anyway my skin is slowly but steadily making progress. The red marks from previous acne is fading, I need to be patient cause I heard it takes a long time for these marks to go. My pores are getting smaller and my skin is so smooth with moisturizing cream. Yet without moisturizing cream my skin is literally flaking off, it is so dry. So so so very dry. When I have a day off, I apply my moisturizing cream 4 -5 times a day!

Take care

XO Karen


I'm so glad to hear that your skin is getting better :-)) believe me, you are not alone in this feeling that you described. I'm very shy too, but now, I start to feel more confident and prettier than ages before...even though I still have acne(not as severe as before:))) This drug works on two aspects, the physical and psychological :)

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