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Okay im going to do this, starting....NOW!



Well im going to start a new improved regiment for myself because quite frankly im either going to get rid of my acne or die trying. Let me explain myself to you so you can get a better idea of what im dealing with. Im a teenager 16, i turn 17 next month:) i have a job, its a real job too i dont know how i got it hahaha. but i have had acne since i was in 6th grade and now im a junior in high school. im determined to have clear skin for my senior year. i have never felt so determined in my life. i hate getting the "stare" from other girls with picture perfect skin that gives me disgusting looks because they never had to go through what i have gone through. so now to my regiment...i just recently started drinking 8cups of water a day. i have been eating a lot healthier as in eating wheat bread in stead of white, having oatmeal for breakfast instead of my favorite sugary cereal. i have been to the dermatologist a lot and now im on doryx (150mg), the pill, and i put on epiduo every night. i think this is the worst my face has ever ever ever been and im going to buy the kit off of this site with the cleaser, treatment, moisterizer. and im giving this until the begining of april, and honestly if i dont see any difference between now and then im going to go on accutane (even though i hate hate hate needles :D ) my mom is buying me the bare minerals kit for my birthday, so i dont have to use my liquid foundation anymore that makes me look orange anyway! ew>:D i just want clear skin, oh yeah i forgot to mention i have a boyfriend, we just had our 3 year anniversary this month ( i know im 16 and have had a three year relationship already) haha i get it this a lot "you guys never broke up or went on a break?" nope haha anyways i just want to feel like im beautiful and even though he loves me with or without makeup i want clear skin, honestly idk what he sees in my sometimes. how could he love this face? well i just want clear skin for myself so i can be more like myself im usually very outgoing and happy, but acne has made me more depressed than ever latley. i have been obsessing a lot now and i know its time for change. i know this is very very long but if you read this please comment:) i need all the support i can get people, because everyone around me has beautiful skin and i feel like the ugly duckling:(


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