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Week Four!

Crystal Brookhurst


Alright, so i started using the BP method at the end of January, i had some Benzoyl in my bathroom from my Proactiv Kit and after reading this site i figured, why not? I stuck with it since now, everything i had ever previously bought made sense. I always liked proactivs kit but it was always so dry, i remember telling the girl at the Proactiv cart that i hated that it made me so dry and after like 2 years of on and off treatment she said "oh yeah people think the repairing lotion is the last step but its not, its just the medicine" and i was like REALLY???!!!..INFORMATION THAT WOULD OF BEEN HELPFUL TO ME YESTERDAY! Well, now Dans regimen really helped me put together all the pieces of the puzzle! It all made so much sense.

Currently i am using Purpose gentle wash as my cleanser, just one pump..then i wait about 10 minutes and use the BP on my cheeks (thats where my biggest breakouts are right now) and some on my chin area, those are finally healing, i then wait about 15 minutes and put on my moisturizer. I am currently using the "Skin perfecting Lotion" from my Murad kit as that is the ONLY thing about that kit that i like. I am using Dans BP tho, and it is great, wayyyyyy better than Proactivs fomula, proactivs seems chunky and it was way more harsh even tho they contain the same amount. So i do this 2 times a day and i have been doing the exact same routine morning and night, except at night after i finish w/ the moisturizer i put BP on my spots to "dry those suckers out" and it seems to be helping!

This has been a sloooowwww process for me. I am a clear example of a brat of "instant gratification" and if i dont see results like like 15 minutes i get sad. haha, this is teaching me patience and that truly, in life all things heal, if we dont believe this we will never see the good in all things, not just acne. Over the last 2 months since i started to break out after Tetracycline ( i only used it one month and stopped) the "purging" was more like a farm that decided that acne was the product of the month or something and it just hit me so hard, now dans regimen is trying to correct it. Has it been helping yes, are the results gradual..YES, i usually quit regimens by now because they are either too harsh, not working, or i just figure "natural is better" but in the end, consistency is what keeps your skin improving.

I did give up wearing makeup, i really dont during the week anyway, not because i dont need it but because i am scared of breaking out. I did however go to vegas this weekend so i had to put something on..i settled for Proactivs Tinted Moisturizer, i had used it in the past and liked it, i never really had moderate acne..i dont why i always thought my skin was "EH" and now i look at pictures and realize i should have appreciated it..ill let you guys know how its going!


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