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Three-Day Jumpstart ... Hopefully to CLEAR results!



Hello Everyone ...

I have decided to post a blog about my three-day jumpstart program to clearer skin. After the three- day jumpstart regimen, I will begin my 28 day process to keeping the low-inflammation diet an everyday cure.

A little about my self. I am 20 year old female. I have dealt with acne since I was 14. This has been six years of physiological and psychological PAIN. I am now a college junior and I am SO READY to begin my career with a complete clear complexion. I would classify my acne as very severe ... And that's on the light side. It is mainly on my right and left cheeks, as well as near my temples and lower jaw lines.

I have LITERALLY tried everything. I'm not going to list all of the medicines that irritated my skin even more for months, but just to name a few: Tazorac, Differin (spelling), Tetracyclin, Retin A, BC pills, and ACCUTANE. I was on accutane for over five months, and sure IT WORKED.. But the acne came back a couple of years later. Worse.

I want to get to the bottom of this. I can't explain to one how acne emotionally affected my life. I have tried supplements left and right. I'm sure many of the members of Acne.org can relate to my pain and suffering! (Be strong!)

I truly am a believer that acne is caused my what you E.A.T. Sure, stress and outside bystanders can surely add to the effects of acne. But what you put into your body plays a major role with what is fed to your cells and how your body reacts.

My goal is to treat acne from within, by what I put into my body (Small portions of HEALTHY meals).

I want to heal every little molecule cell that is made up of what I eat, inside my body, and cure it will healthy, anti-inflammatory foods (Ex. Baby spinach, Salmon, Berries).

I am creating this blog as an experiment on myself. I want to have a track record of what is going on, to see my whereabouts and how my skin is (hopefully) progressing.

Some jumpstart tips that I am doing is sprinkling flaxseed powder (flaxseed grinned in blender), drinking a bountiful amount of water (for DIGESTION), eating my protein first, and avoiding coffee (going to be hard ...), breads (that's all of 'em), and juice.

Today was my half day jumpstart ... Being that I did have a slip. Tomorrow is day one and we will begin the VERY strict diet of what I put into my body.

Sunday, 02-21-10

Breakfast: Glass of water, oatmeal (NOT instant), 1/4 cup of rice milk

1/4 cup of blueberries & raspberries

Lunch: Side salad, blue cheese dressing and small cup of butternut squash soup.

Glass of decaffeinated mango Unsweetened tea.

Snack: Medium-sized golden crisp apple (this is a low glycemic snack).

1 cup of low-fat, 2% milk.

Dinner: Crab stuffed salmon with a baby spinach greens salad. The salad had Light EVOO with a splash of a fresh lemon. Also, I topped it with a tablespoon of Edamame Salad.

Dessert: (Because I am not going to deprive myself!) 1/8 Bar of 85% Dark Chocolate

There will be a list of the meals I have daily so that people can get a gist of what I am putting into my body and the results that I am seeing!

And as always, I know this is going to be hard ... Foods that I have eaten for many years of my life are no longer incorporated into this diet. What I need to remember is that doing this is worth clear skin and also, I am focusing on what foods I CAN have rather than can't.

Doing this and recognizing what I CAN have will certainly be an easier approach and helpful to allow myself to believe I am not depriving myself.


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