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Day 37



sorry its been so long since ive posted. after i finished my first cycle i had to wait about 4 days to get my next refill and when i went to my derm she changed my prescription to taking 60mg a day (2 30mg pills a day), which i didnt really understand since my acne looks better than when i started but oh well. so since my last post i had a few more around my mouth area but nothin too bad. i also got three on my right cheek which was unusual but theyre gone now. My mouth and chin area is actually lookin pretty clear and i dont have any actives right now. actually pretty much my whole face is lookin pretty clear except my forehead. i have one pretty big active near the middle of my forehead and then a little one one the left side but i have a lot of red marks from where i had pimples before. something thats been working for me lately is that when i get a pimple i pop it and then put neosporin on it after i pop it. I makes it go away pretty quick. im still getting a little dry but the cetaphil moisutrizer works really well and hasnt made me break out so its nothin i cant handle. not much else to report


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