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Day 60



Month two down!

So saw my derm the other day. Had major swelling and painful outbreaks around my mouth. Wasn't too excited to see her because i figured she would just bump me up to a higher dosage due to my obvious lack of results. Turns out all the stuff on my face was infected. Recently i had been picking at them alot and dirt/whatever from my fingers had infected them and made the swell. She prescribed 10 days of antibiotic pills along with a topical paste that i was to rub over my face. This was on thursday (today being sunday) and she told me my face should look 50% better by monday. I left in a bad mood, skeptical, and generally upset. So these past couple of days i haven't laid a finger on my face with the intention of picking just to see if the doctor knew what she was talking about. Alas after not picking and applying the paste along with taking the antibiotics (along with my regular 60mg dosage of tane) for just a time span of 4 days so far, my face does appear alot better.

On a side note, i had been using blistex medicated lip ointment for the past few weeks which seemed to work surprisingly well compared to other products i have tried. My friend who is also on accutane but much farther along than myself, has been recommending Blistex DCT (daily conditioning treatment). He has been making it sound like a godsend so i have been trying to get my hands on it. I ordered some on Amazon and it came in the mail yesterday. Have only applied it three or four times so far but i will definitely let everyone know how well it helps in my next entry.


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