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Shouldn't cosmetic companies put an expiry date on makeup?



Most of the makeup and skin care products never have an expiry date on it. I wonder why they don't put it on there since clearly it would expire after a certain time. All of the makeup gurus recommend trashing away mascaras after 3 months even if its not finished, but what about liquid makeup like foundations?

I tried a Clinique liquid foundation which I have had for maybe 1.5 years now about a couple of months back. It smelled a little funky but I didn't pay too much attention to it and applied it anyway. I had to go to a function. Well guess what? Later that night,I noticed I had gotten like a rash and a boil on my face! And mind you this was not a pimple, it was a "boil", like an infection. I couldn't understand the reason as I had not done anything new that day other than the foundation. Well I smelled it again and yes, it did smell funky and I don't think it smelled like that 1.5 years ago when I first bought it. So clearly it had expired and probably had bacteria breeding in it. Well I store all my makeup properly with lid closed etc. but the lid is not air-tight. And it had no expiry date on it and most makeup doesn't. Well I want to warn others about this, so they don't have to do same mistake as I did. Now I have decided not to use liquid foundation for more than 6 months. After 6 months just chuck it even if not used fully. Sometimes you see these really cheap deals on makeup and you wonder why. Well now I know why. Its probably close to its expiry date and they just want to get rid of it! Similarly, don't fall for those cheap deals on Ebay, some of it maybe expired stuff too.


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