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9 Weeks/ And still going



Thursday, February 18 marked my 9-week anniversary on Taz. What I've concluded about this week is... ONLY PUT TAZ ON THE PROBLEM AREAS AND NOWHERE ELSE! I'm so serious when I say this because if you start putting Taz on areas where you usually don't breakout, that part of your skin will begin to go through the initial breakout stage just as the problem areas did. Taz can't judge what areas are better or worse than the other. It will treat all skin the same and if there's underlying elements that need to be exposed, it will bring them to the surface.

I recently started a new job and when I have to wash my face, I haven't been as careful about keeping the Taz on ONLY the areas where I breakout. I've gotten a little bit outside of those areas and guess what, I got a small pimple. The pimple is not as bad as what it could've been, but it was still a pimple, which set me back mentally a little bit. The research is TRUE... only put Taz on the problem areas and stick to those areas. Taz is not a spot treatment for the occasional pimple... It's a longterm treatment. If you're thinking about using Taz, please read that sentence several times until it becomes a part of your mental strategy when tackling your acne with this product.

I'm still happy with the product and haven't had any serious breakouts in the past couple of weeks. The 3 small pimples I got last week left a hyperpigmented scar but, the scars are fading much faster than they would if I wasn't using Taz. The hyperpigmentation is the most frustrating part. Even though I don't have pimples, the scars make me look I still have a lot going on with my skin.

All in all, my skin looks a world of a lot better than it did in December when I started. The next time I go to the derm, I'm going to stick to my guns and ask him for something that can be used to treat the scarring a little bit faster. I'm almost to my 12 weeks and it's time to start doing something about the hyperpigmentation even though the Taz helps a whole lot.

Again, all in all, I'm still very impressed by what this product has done to improve my skin. From the day I've started, I haven't missed one single day of using Taz. Even if I come in a little tipsy, too tired or simply feel annoyed by having to wash my face EVERY freakin' night, I still do it so I can know I've done all I can do by week 12 when I make my overall assessment of the product.

Until next time...


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