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Tips on how to know if you are sensitive to mica in mineral makeup?



So I have been using the Maybelline mineral powder for a long time now but it is not an exact color match for me. So I ordered some samples from mineral makeup companies online with only 4-5 ingredients. I guessed the lesser the ingredients, the better. Well guess what? I broke out...None of them had bismuth oxychloride but they did have mica as one of their main ingredients. So I researched online, and found that some people can be sensitive to mica. Mica is a jagged mineral with sharp edges in the natural form, and can cause micro-tears in the skin. Most of the mica in makeup is crushed but it seems some people can still be sensitive to it. I didn't think I would be one of them but unfortunately I am. I guess I should have known because whenever I wear glittery eyeshadows (which is very very rare) and some of the glitter falls on the area below my eye, I always get milia and maybe small whiteheads there. And the glitter is mostly mica. Oh well...I guess you learn something new everyday...

Maybelline mineral powder has zinc oxide as the main ingredient which is a known anti-inflammatory and used in diaper rash ointments. I checked and the other drugstore mineral makeups like Loreal and Revlon do not have zinc oxide as an ingredient in their makeup. Maybelline mineral has mica only in the "may contain" ingredient list at the end. Also their minerals are micronized, maybe that makes the sharp edges of the mica smoother? In any case, this mineral powder does not break me out (probably because it contains very insignificant amount of mica and whatever there is, it is micronized). So yeah, people sensitive to mica in mineral makeup, definitely check out Maybelline.

And don't believe in the hype of "natural" makeup and skin care. Most of the natural stuff I tried broke me out, like jojoba oil. And even natural lip-balms are not at all moisturizing for me. Maybelline has some other ingredients in it too besides the minerals but I believe that is what makes the application smoother and not chalky. Hey I put BP on my face every night and that is certainly not natural...haha.


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