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so unlike me....



Mood: :D

Day: 12

So I was walking my dog this morning...I see this cute guy- also walking his dog. He's coming closer and closer in my direction...Shit~

I'm not wearing any makeup- my acne is red, big and I have several whiteheads....I was kinda freaking out. I don't want him to see me- I just want to be invisible...as he's getting closer- he's smiling at me. My dog is also pulling me into his direction. He's about 5 feet away....He's saying Hi to me....I said Hi back but I wanted to run in the opposite direction...both our dogs are now pulling us closer and closer....I abruptly say, "We're going this way...See ya!" I cross the street, look back and I see him looking back at me, kinda hurt.

Sigh....I was NEVER like this. I am or at least used to be a very approachable person.

Having acne definitely changes you...

I just pray that I can muster up all my courage for the interview coming up...

I've been feeling really, really tired lately...around 10:00pm I get so tired, that i can feel my eyelids getting heavy. I'm knocked out by 11pm.

My acne is still red, it looks more red than ever. My actives are all drying out, my cysts have gone down but the bump is still noticeable. I still have a few whiteheads- hopefully by tomorrow those too will dry out.

My lips are getting more drier- *Correction* I'm using Aveeno Intense Relief Therapy chapstick, i believe on my previous blog i gave it a new name. It helps a lot! it makes ur lips really soft.

Okay...I'm just about done packing:

Clothes --> Check!

Makeup --> Check!

Lotion --> Check!

Chapstick --> Check!

Resume/ Cover letter --> Check!

Accutane --> Check!

Now, I'm good to go!!!!