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Day 19 - Well I picked and I'm paying the consequences...



Quick update. My blackheads were looking way too big and inviting last night.. I thought I could gently ease them out.. I covered my finger tips in tissue and applied gentle pressure. Some of the BH's came out but all the skin came off the tip of my nose with it :D I litteraly took the whole top layer off, it was red and raw underneath. So here I sit with a plump red, scabby honker. Hope I learned my lesson!

My hips are getting sore, feel like a granny - aching everytime I get out of the chair..

I still think its worth it though.. One more pill and I've finished pack 2 - woohoo..

On a good note: Looks like the Accutane is def helping my fine lines disappear!! Didn't know this was a side effect :D

Happy Friday!


oooh~~ sounds painful...I know I have this urge to just pop all my whiteheads! I have a few black heads but those are very hard to "gently get rid of" haha Good luck on your treatment =)

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Thanks.. All healed now. So hard not to succumb to popping, so scared of scars though:-O My face is not looking so good today, need to tie my hands behind my back every time I look in the mirror.Good luck to you too!:-

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