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Day 29 I heart accutane

Karen L.


- Accutane day 29 on 20 mg.

- NO NEW ACNE, I'm loving accutane.

- Dry skin.

Day 29!! Almost a month on accutane, my skin has changed extremely to when I first started. I don't mind waking up anymore; the dreadful feeling of seeing my face in the morning is gone. When I'm home I don't mind wearing no make-up in front of my boyfriend. He even told me I was looking radiant. Still wearing make-up when I go to work, school and when I meet my friends. But mostly to cover up my red marks.

Yesterday when I had to visit potential new clients, I was surprisingly confident. Normally I don't like it when people stare at me, didn't mind me anymore. And when I went to the bathroom to check my make-up it was still looking great. That used to be so different......

Can't wait to see my father again tomorrow, I think he will notice. He works in a foreign country and tomorrow he will be home again :D . I can't tell him I'm on accutane though, so I'm quite nervous. He doesn't believe in taking medication and probably will find accutane too strong. My mother told me it's for the best.

Take care.

Love Karen

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aaawwwwww!!!i'm so happy for you sweety,thats great news that all your pimples are gone.Clear skin definitely boosts confidence level,best of luck,love,Saher

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