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Week one down. Day 7



Oh man my lips are dry! I forgot my Nivea kiss of relief before bed and geeze. Pain this morning. Even after lunch having lipbalm lost during the lunching process it was uncomfortable talking for 20 min with the other girls in the office for the rest of break. I'm going to attach myself to my chapstick.

Acne wise: 2 new pimples, kinda small. One above my eyebrow, one on my left cheek. As for everything else, they're healing and ... get this... I only used tinted moisturizer today. That's it. No concealer. No base. No powder. Kiehls tinted moisturizer with spf. It felt great, I was early for work. my spots are small, just kinda red so once covered, I can almost convince myself I have nice skin! EEEEEEEEEEEkkkk! so freakin excited for the end result. Kinda worrried about how my skin will react the next time I start my monthly ladies cycle. (was that PC enough for you?)

Trying to run every day, instead of my usual every other day, to keep healthy and counter the extra ice cream I've had every night with my pill. See, I used to only get ice cream or treats when I was out an about, never kept the good stuff in the house besides fruit. But, I told myself, because it's doctor's orders anyway to take this with a fatty meal, and I'm a vegetarian, I need something fatty to take the pill. Ice cream was necessary :D My knees and ankles are bothering me alittle more than ususal. I'll have to take an advil before I run outside the cold bothers me so much. Guess I'll up the glucosamine and flax seed oil for the ol' joints. Ran 2.25 miles the past 2 days! That may not be much, but it's huge for me. When I started working out again a little over a month ago, I could barely do a mile. And I mean barely. Huffing and Puffing the last lap/block/whatever. Half the time I would take breaks during the run the first couple weeks. I used to be athletic in school, softball, cheer, gymnastics. College I worked out to de-stress and fight the freshman 15. But the winter after I graduated, I got pneumonia and took a year and a half hiatus from exercise. Yah, I'd go to the gym 10 times in those 18 months. My laziness was astounding. No I just have to hope that the joint pain from the treatment doesn't kick me off the wagon.

Got rejected from my first law school today :D Oh well, Berkeley Law was a long shot anyway, at least I have one acceptance under my belt. Just 6 more schools to hear from !

Anyways, good luck to all

night night


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