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Day 4: Full steam ahead to a week



This morning I woke up, and face looked.....AMAZING! Okay, I know what you're thinking...that was only 3 days of treatment, how could there be a difference.

Here is the run-down...

1. I had no new pimples form....

2. Still no initial breakout (I am waiting, though)...

3. My pores were teeny-tiny....

4. My complexion was homogeneous.

5. I still had visible scarring, and old pimples healing, but there was a difference between Day 1 and the beginnin g of Day 4...

After waking up and seeinig my newly formed facial paradise...I applied my Obagi....

THE REDNESS RETURNED.... Then, I applied my Clindamyacin....THE BURNING A PEELING RETURNED....

So I was pretty pink and flacky all day. The burning is horrible. I feel so embarrased talking to the Starbucks gut who took my order because my face was beat red.

Everyone is asking me if I have been staying out in the sun too long....

As far a my moisturizer, I love Glowes In A Bottle. Many people have never heard of it...its like super secret in the dermatology world...doctors use it all the time....basically, it is not your normal moisturizer because it does not give your skin artificiaal moisture..but rather keeps your inner moisture WITHIN....I really do love it...but when I do not apply it my skin turn RED!

I also have CeTaPhIL, which I like but it leaves me feeling a little gross. I think I will stick to my Gloves in a Bottle.

For UVA/UVB protection I use Neutrogena's Helioplex in SPF 75. It is non-comodegenic (it wont clog your pores). My dermatologist also recommended it to me....

If you are about to start Retin-A or you are on it....JUST STAY OUT OF THE SUN....don't even sit too closely to a window because your skin will react. I never knew that my skin was this sensitive.

Until next time :D,



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