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Hopefully the beginning to the end of my acne problems



Okay so here I am 21 years old with acne worse than I ever have had before. It all began around age 11 and has progressively gotten worse. While on birth control pills the acne was a little better, but when I stopped taking them, the acne was out of control. So, this is week three of my low dose bc pill continuation and I have noticed really no difference than before. I am giving it 3 months, however to see results. Also, it has been a month since I gave up smoking and alcohol and am hoping that this will help with the regeneration of new cells. A few days ago I started a retin-a micro 0.04 regime. I am hoping that these changes will make things better. My biggest problem is that I have grown into a habit of picking at my acne, I know that this is making it worse and leaving scars, but there is also a part of me that thinks I am making it better. I am stopping the picking totally and am very curious to see what happens it has been a day since I last picked at my acne. I am trying to change my diet and eat more raw fruits and veggies, but it is hard as is drinking as much water as I should, but I will not give up!!! I will repost in two weeks and tell of any results seen.

I also am an aromatherapist, so I am making an essential oil blend for moisturizing, healing, and antiseptic purposes, so far, I am using jojoba oil as my carrier oil, because is regulates sebum production, tea tree oil for its antiseptic purposes, I'll add a few more oils for healing as soon as I have enough to purchase them, so we'll see how this goes!