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jojoba, tea tree, reduced milk and sugar continued



its been a bad week for my regimen, i have skipped days of antibiotics cause I have a cold/flu thing and I dont want to encourage the virus to grow by being on antibiotics plus I dont like taking more than one type of medicine at a time.

My skin is looking clearer and clearer all the time on this new regimen, I have had a breakout this week though as I have skipped applications and showers and been eating refined foods and not enough water.

why? well I am at my partners house, his fathe just died so I am here supporting him but I had to go and develop a flu thing. I was shaking, sweating and feeling sick the other night so I am just glad I feel better than that now.

also had some eczema develop on my arm :D has lasted about a week, I am not diagnosed with eczema but I had a crusty dry patch on my arm which lasted a week and I have had itchy legs for at least a year if not for years. I have not thought about it as a problem before but recently have realised that I was ignoring it cause my acne bothers me so much than itching legs hardly bother me at all in comparison. I have been using sudacrem of whatever that is called on my legs cause its also good for acne (sceptical..) so if i get it on my acne prone skin it shouldnt make me break out... in theory.

regardless whenever I get back on my jojoba, teatree regimen my skin improves within hours.

yay me! I just shared the info with my cousin who has a similar problem.

see you guys later.

still not had the blood test, boyfriends father died that day so obviously it got deprioritised.