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Day 18 - First Blog Entry



Reading blogs on here helped me to decide to finally try Accutane. Being a working mother of 2 toddlers, I honestly don't have a spare moment but felt I should share my experience in the hope it will help someone like me..

To get started let me share some back round info....

I have had cystic acne since my early teens. I never really made an issue of it, feeling embarrassed that I would appear vain by looking for help.

I finally started Minocycline on and off around age of 25. Hated being on an anti biotic for long periods of time so I would go on it for a month and off it for 4 or 5 and then back on it again. After the birth of my second child 2 years ago it got much much worse. I developed the type of cysts that make you look like you are growing an appendage - big n' bad deformities that hurt like hell.. I would wake up sometimes and not recognize myself. These cysts started to leave scars. I also developed HS - large cysts under my arms etc. Went on Minocycline full time at this stage and then Doxycyline along with a multitude of topicals, injections etc..

I have had Dermatologists telling me for years to try Accutane but I was always scared off by side effects - the bad press it receives. Things finally got so bad - antibiotics are no longer working that I've decided to give it a chance.

So here I am on Day 18.. 40MG's a Day of Claravis, On Ortho Tri Cyclen for Birth Control

My skin has 3 small cycts and 1 large one - causing a major chin deformity right now :D .

Overall - I think my skin actually looks much better than it did before. My blackheads are coming to the surface and I'm hoping they will fall out soon. This is really gross, but the goo inside them seems hard. Wondering will they just leave big holes behind or do the pores actually just close up - that would be fantastic (best not get my hopes up;).. My scars are looking a bit better and my skin just looks calmer overall - no ruddiness, def had some rosacea before.

Side Effects - just dry lips, being kept under control with Aquafore. Dry eyes - using eyedrops and nose bleeds (I have a cold so all the blowing is probably not helping).. Feeling tired in the early afternoon but that could be a side effect of the cold too. Oddly I've gained about 4-5 lbs since starting which is a bit scary - can Accutane make you put on weight. I feel so hungry all the time:(

So far things are good though. Feel like I made the right decision.


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