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Everyone has their story...here is mine.



I've hestitated in joining this community. I've never made a blog before, I have never been in a situation where I had to look far for support, and I've always had been in control of my life, career and relationships. But this...(Sigh) going through acne is different. I've never had an acne breakout in my life...over the past 3 months since I got back from overseas my acne seemed like it was getting better but I guess it just decided to stay on my face and hold a party! Come one come all!~ I've done all I could do to control this outbreak (which is just concentrated on my cheeks). Anyways, I noticed how supportive and understanding this community is i've particularly enjoyed reading Stoper54 and Jezika's blog! I decided I too want to tell my story. Because i remember it all...i remember when it happened, how it may have started and possibly why my acne became so resistant to topicals, antibiotics, peels and yes, even one of the most expensive treatments available (W/o insurance of course), levulan blu.

Here is my story:

I'm 26 years old, female, who is outgoing, kind, fun, works hard, positive, and who is not afraid of the spotlight. Over my young adulthood (Okay I guess i'm still considered somewhat young...) I've had the priviledge to be in front of the camera for tv and print in many occasions. I've had my 15 mins of fame, and I was ready to move on. I never thought I was drop dead attractive, but I never thought I was butt ugly either. I was confident in how I looked. But never too confident, I was humble. Sometimes I think about why God choose me to suffer from acne, especially at my critical age, where I need to get out in the world and live my life to my fullest potential....

Sometimes I think, maybe it's bc I was never shy about the way i looked, maybe it's bc I was never satisfied about the way I looked, maybe it's bc I once saw a person with acne ridden face and thanked God I wasn't in his/her position...

But then I can't help but compare myself to say, Heidi Montag (from the Hills) who was naturally beautiful w/o all the plastic surgery...but still wants to be more beautiful. Ppl like her who are so focused on looking good on the outside needs to experience having acne...Okay...it's a little insensitive, no one deserves to have acne! I take it back, but I can't help not having a grudge.

I've worked ever since highschool, all thru Uni, and after Uni...I've had amazing opportunites to succeed in my career, I've managed 30+ employees, met all sorts of people, built a strong network and was even a member of the board in business clubs and organizations. But, I wanted something more.....

So I quit my job and moved to Asia to pursue my dream of studying a 3rd language! It may have been the change of weather, environment, my lifestyle of partying and drinking or simply the change in my hormones that caused my initial outbreak of acne (mind you it wasn't bad). I didn't do anything to prevent further break out...and even worse in the summer, I slathered on my Lancome SPF 50 every day!! I know...the spf is too high for everyday wear. It definitely was the culprit of plogging my pores. I went to a famous Traditional Chinese Doc and I was given herbs to boil and drink..It worked great! And after drinking that my monthly period came on time, every month. I was so impressed. I should have continued my medicine...but my studies were over and I decided to come back home. It definitely was the sudden withdrawal of the herbs that caused my acne to come back! I took tetracycline, and did about 5 acne peels at a skin clinic...it wasn't working, i switched and went to my family doc. She perscribed me minocycline and BC- Yasmin. I took it for a month...and it wasn't doing anything! I know it's a short time to expect any drastic change to happen, but it wasn't doing any justice to my face, I was becoming very impatient...No way in hell was i going to meet my friends after 1 year looking like shit. I went to another skin clinic and underwent $1650 treatment of Levulan Blu....my acne got worse and was just resistant to it. Skin doc encouraged me to try accutane. Accutane was my last resort....and I kept on asking the doc, "is there anything else besides going on accutane?" And she basically said that this is a great medicine which will cure your acne for good. And that i'll see results in as little as a month! I was tired of just wasting time, money and energy so here I am undergoing my 5 month course of Accutane!

I am pretty lucky to be just staying home and leeching of my parents for the past 3 months...I know it won't and can't last, but either way I am lucky to just recuperate at home and not worry about meeting ppl. I understand that it is unhealthy staying home 4 out of 7 days but considering that i was always on a go, I am able to use this time to reflect on my life. My life before Acne, during acne and even how my life will be after ....after when I will be acne free!

My journey begins....I hope you'll join me, as I will be joining urs =)


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