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So, I am a teacher and this is my second day using Retin-A, Clydamyacinn (sp.) and Obagi. My skin is soooooooo red and peeling. It is horrible. One of my students asked, super lod "Why is your face red and peeling?". It must have been horrible because I was near the fron of the class and he was ALL the way in the back of the room. I was thinking, "Oh, my God!"

There is no way I can handle the Inova pads in conjuction with the Retin-A Micro and Benzaclin. My face is extremely tight.

Pimple Update: I have no new pimples. Honestly, I dont see how I can have any pimples any more. I think all the oil in my body has been dried up by all of these medications. LOL :D

I am waiting for this Initial Breakout of pimples. The only IB I do have is an IB of redness and peeling. I look so scary. I feel like I had a chemical peel.

I would love to do the Retin-A Micro every other night, but I am afraid that it might interfere with the products working.

Hopefully, in a few weeks the peeling will subside and I will be somewhat normal again.

I still love the Obagi cleanser and clear cream :D.

Until next time....