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Week Six: Day Thirty-Six



WHOA! Week six! This surprised me. I can't believe its already been that long since I started. Weeird. Well anyways I go to allstate this weekend and track starts the week after that, plus I have to make up a lot of stuff I missed when I was sick which is FRUSTRATING. I'll have no lunch life for a while. The most I really did was math but doing math with people was hanging out too, we just actually did something besides goof around,..though now I think about it there's plenty of that. Such as launching stuff off of plastic bags, playing hackysac, blah blah. Anyways I should go soon to get a physical. But as I promised in my very first post, its progress picture day :D


The moisturizer started stinging again (probably because I didn't put it on at night before I was fully used to it so my progress of getting used to it stalled) so I just used a bit less and it didn't. I am used to the BP. I'm probably going to wait on the AHA+ for a bit and make sure I get the essentials first (physical, new set of regimen, honorband expenses) this way I don't overwhelm my dad with the expenses. :D Figure that'd be nice.