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Shopping trip!



So I stopped by Wal-mart after work today to pick up a couple of things and among them were: more BP!, Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser, and Women's One A Day vitamins. As you can tell by my mini-shopping list, I am trying to not simply treat my skin but work on healthier lifestyle habits, too. While I haven't had much success with the whole water and green tea challenge (I had my first cup of green tea today and it's already Wednesday!), I am trying to make an effort. I know clear skin goes way beyond creams and cleansers so now that my skin is start to look fan-freakin'-tastic I want to make sure it stays that way by exercising, taking my vitamins, watching what I eat, increasing my water intake, etc. And the thing is, I'll be doing a lot more than just keeping my skin clear in the process. There a ton of other great benefits to consider--like stronger bones, increased energy and so and so forth and you get the point. I'm starting to sound like a sappy infomercial. :D

In regards to the "strange occurrence" from my previous entry...I am happy to say that the situation has been resolved. The bump on my cheek kind of just opened up the other day so it's flat and fading and the one on my cheekbone threw in the towel and just sort of melted back into oblivion. So I now have officially clear skin (minus my old acne marks/scars) with NO breakouts to speak of. At this point, I am in the third (or second? I lost count but I think it's the third) week on the Regimen and it looks like it's working just peachy.

Hopefullly, I won't react to the new Cetaphil cleanser and my skin will continue to look perdi-ful!



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