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When nothing goes as planned...Day 62



There have been a few bumps in the road since my last thoroughly optimistic post.

I'll try not to be a debbie downer, pinkie swear.

So after my appointment on Friday I had iPledge problems as usual--it never accepts my login on the first try and then locks me out. The doctor got pissed at me after and briskly ushered me out of the examination room.

After getting that figured out, I called the pharmacy to see if my prescription was ready and they said I didn't have insurance and it would cost $700......WHAT!!!!! So apparently my insurance company screwed up everyone from my dad's company and no one had insurance for the weekend, and seeing as it was a long weekend for president's day I had to wait until tuesday to get it figured out.

FINALLY I got my prescription for $10 as usual but I had a 4 day interim of no accutane so I feel a breakout festering and I have a full blown cyst on my jawbone.

Also, I missed two BCP pills in a row so I was a hormonal emotional hellish wreck. This is my 3rd month on birth control and I HATE it! I wrote my derm an email saying I have already committed to abstinence, have not even kissed a boy in over 6 months (since my ex boyfriend and I last saw eachother) and don't want to put my body through hormonal trauma anymore.

Anyway, the bcp decision is still pending and I have my accutane now so once i get through this breakout then hopefully it will be all clear from then! I'm feeling positive, but still slightly anxious!

I'll be honest, I'm tired of this, but I'm definitely trying to focus on the upside= CLEAR SKIN!

Life is good. I hope you all know that! No matter what, Life is good!