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Day 8



Skin on my face is a bit drier today. Overall though my face is looking pretty good, the breakout on my forehead that I got pre-accutane is improving and clearing up. I still feel like I'm going to get a breakout on my chin.....hoping that I don't.

I'm not doing very well with trying to drink less often. We just had a long weekend and I was out each night. Then last night was supposed to be a quiet night of Olympics but I got offered a free ticket to a concert with some friends. The guys I was out with are also big drinkers and love spending money so it was free drinks for me! I kept trying to turn them down but they wouldn't take no for an answer....I actually took my last drink to the bathroom, dumped in down the sink and refilled it with water...hehe. Then tonight it's roommate night out on the town. We have $250 to burn (gift certificate) at a very nice restaurant/wine bar, then we're going dancing afterwards.

I guess the good news is that I haven’t had any weird hangovers/side effects from the drinking.