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Day 27 Obsessed with accutane?

Karen L.


- Accutane day 27 on 20 mg.


- Very dry skin.

Last Sunday my skin was looking great under my layers of make-up; concealer, foundation and a touch of powder. I have never worn moisturizing cream under my make-up, due to my already oily skin. Nowadays I think I will just have to, my skin is so dry. I’ve been putting moisturizing cream on my face more than three times a day, yet it doesn't help. I'm not going to scrub but what to do? Tomorrow I have to meet potential new clients for work, just want to feel confident and concentrate solely on work.

I do see progress; the pores on my skin are getting smaller by the day, acne free but my face is looking red and is extremely dry, the red marks on my face from previous acne are fading faster than normal.

I thought that once my body would be somewhat adjusted to the accutane my skin and lips would become less dry rather than more dry. I can't complain though, haven't had new acne since my 19th day on accutane. I consider myself a patient person yet when it comes to the accutane treatment I'm very impatient. I wonder if I'm becoming obsessive with my skin or I might already be.....my mama made a comment as such yesterday, can't get it out of my mind. Being obsessive about something is never good, I just can't help it. This accutane treatment is my last resort and I've lived a long life with acne so far.

Take care and good luck. XO karen


Your journey through this seems similar to mine. I took minocyclin when I was 15-19 and it cleared my skin well, but when I stopped it was worse than before. I'm trying to write the blog so I don't think about the drug all day. Being OCD about it if anything will make it worse from the stress. It seems you're dealing with bad dry skin, I know this may sound crazy but try coconut oil. It's a solid, but put it in the shower with you and it will turn into a liquid. DO a little bit of research on it and you'll see it's legit. It'll make your skin softer than ever before.

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Thank you for your post, seems I'm not the only one who had a bad experience with minocycline. I'm going to take your advice this weekend, good thing I already have coconut oil however this is for cooking. Anyway thank you, I'll do some research on the net and not become to obsessive. Take care. XO

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