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accutane and acne scars



What to use?????? I started using accutane only 5 days ago and I am just wondering what you recommend for acne scaring?????? The little red marks that are left behind after a pimple leaves!!! I have been having acne issues for a while now and I am getting married in the summer :D I need something that will help with the scarring!!!! Any advice would be great :D

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My derm prescribed me differin gel along with my accutane. It has a kind of peeling effect, however it is very strong stuff; it makes my skin even more dry and it gave me red and burning skin. Now I use it once every 2 days, it's different with everybody. I think the best thing you could do is ask your derm, he/she knows the condition of your skin the best and can prescribe you accordingly. By the way, since a few days ago (I'm on my 27th day) my red marks are fadding must faster than they used to due to the accutane. So probably this will happen to you too. Congrats on your engagement!!! Must be wonderful for you :- Good luck. XO Karen

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