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Are some teenagers taking accutane to get "perfect" skin?



So I read someone's post on the oily skin forum about how his dermatologist prescribed accutane for just oily skin. Now I think this is very irresponsible of his dermatologist. Accutane is a chemotherapy drug which is supposed to be used only for severe acne. Of course there are people who can get very distressed about a minor skin imperfection like oily skin while someone with even severe acne could not be distressed at all about it. After all acne is not a serious, life threatening condition like cancer, it is just a cosmetic issue. So how to decide who gets to go on accutane? It is a fact that teenagers who are still developing physically and emotionally don't think too much about future consequences and often take rash decisions. It has been proven from scientific literature that the human brain doesn't fully develop until 21 or so. So is it wise for a dermatologist to prescribe accutane to an oily skinned teenager just because he demands it? Yes, these people will promptly switch dermatologists if they are not prescribed accutane, and in these recession times, dermatologists probably don't want to lose business, so they maybe prescribing it. But is this right? If the said teenager suffers from any of the bad long term side effects from accutane, who is responsible for it?

Oily skin can be easily controlled with topicals. I have very oily skin as well but when I apply topicals (benzamycin) every night, I don't have oily skin at all. And then of course there are those countless blotting sheets available on the market as well.

Of course there will always be those guys who want to appear macho and think that applying creams to their face every night is not macho, but this is just ridiculous thinking. If the alternative to applying topicals at night is a chemotherapy drug, it is better to take the first option IMO. If topicals work, then dermatologists shouldn't be prescibing accutane to teenagers.