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Day 5



Skin condition: new white heads in the crease of my chin and corner of my mouth, a few on my cheek. The painful ones on my forehead next to my hairline are healing. So yay! My skin is definitely more red. But the clinique redness solutions moisturizer helps calm it down. Lips a little more dry, eyes were bothering me by lunchtime. My redmarks on my cheeks are fading, or blending with the redness of my face on the whole. Nothing that a little tinted moisturizer won't fix in the morning!

I tried not to pick. I really did. But you know I made it till about 530 before my run after work and gave in. But one I got to too hard, and now my skin peeled off. I'm done, I swear. For now.

Side effects: my left shoulder is really bugging me. Not painful, but pulling pillowcases off was uncomfortable. Not sure whether its a side effect or delayed soreness from snowboarding. Or maybe I slept on it weird. Find myself drinking water more. I have a little of a headache now which has set in about an hour after my pill. Maybe I'm dehydrated, I did run pretty hard today. Time will tell.

Anyways folks, or whomever reads this -the olympics and Lost are calling me. Love the winter games.


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Shut up. Just SHUT UP. I'm sorry if I'm being mean, but you're so ridiculously gorgeous that you should be on Beautiful People. You have a perfect nose, and eyes you can get lost in... just shut up lol.I've been battling acne for 14 years. That's over half my life. I have 3 dime-sized cysts arranged in a loose equilateral triangle directly below, and adjacent to, my left ear that I affectionately call the "triumvirate." It hurts to open my mouth. I'll inevitably cut them off with the same #12 scalpel and Lidocaine I've used on so many others. It'll hurt. It'll scar. I'll need booze. But whatever, I don't care anymore -- the only thing more scarred than my face is my liver lol.I've tried Accutane/Roaccutane, Retin-A, excision, oral antibiotics, herbal supplements/vitamins, diet/lifestyle changes (which I'm glad I did, since I'm in better shape now than I've ever been, and having a rockin' body is definitely a bonus), everything over-the-counter you can possibly get your hands on -- at least twice. Nothing worked for me, except one thing, and purely by coincidence:Soap. Bar soap. Nothing fancy. No Dove. No Pantene. No Oily-Olay or w/e its called. No funky Butter-enriched Choco-Tea stuff. Nothing girly. Just plain-old, one step above generic, bar soap. I was traveling back home to CA [in Dec] to visit my brothers and stupid parents, and the airport confiscated most of my bathroom stuff because it was over 3.2oz, and, long story short, I ended up just using their [my brothers'] soap 'til I could get to the store. It worked. The difference was small at first, but its gotten more noticeable. After 2 months, my face looks better now than it did 5 years ago, which is still horrible, but I'm now hoping that I won't have to cut septic cysts off my face.Now I use a really grainy/sandy cleanser to start [Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash: Daily Scrub w/ "Microclear Technology," aka Wax Crystals], then a loofah lathered with bar soap (I use Dial, its cheap, and I'm broke lol), then the soap by itself (on my hands), and I finish up with Cetaphil cleanser (which, imo, I don't think is necessary, nor the Neutorgena to start. I usually do my acne stuff in the shower, and as long as you rinse really well and scrub well with the loofah I think the rest is just overkill. Don't scrub too hard, its the shearing force that removes surface fectants/septics, not downforce)Anyway, try just soap. Twice a day, and don't moisturize. It'll dry out pretty bad, which is good cuz the platelets from any drainage don't bond as well to dry skin, meaning they'll flake off easier and allow any platelet clogs to be cleared from the abcess, promoting drainage. I also use a disposable razor (Gilette Mach 3 Disposables) to *lightly* (very short strokes!) scrape off any stubborn clots/scabs -- usually around the edges, then I let the loofah take care of the rest. Oh, and its harder to scrape it off of wet skin, so just do it dry. Considering as how you're a girl and you have really really small lesions everywhere, and more importantly, that you don't shave (your face at least, I hope) maybe you should skip the razor part, unless you can figure out and are willing to work in the necessary time to address groups of, if not each lesion individually, to further facilitate drainage. After all, most of whats in a pimple is oil, and if it can't get out then it becomes a...... pimple!Good luck. Sorry if I sounded like a dick. I kinda am one. I'm a guy. lol.Regards.C.

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