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Beginning of a journey....



Hello Acne.Org Members:

I love this site so much. Before I had my first dermatologist appointment, I hit up all the bolgs to see the latest and greatest in acne skin care.

Before I explain my dermatologist experience, I do want to state that this site is helpful and to please leave comments. I will definitely answer back and appreciate all the LOVE :D

Here is a little description of ME:

Acne Severity: Persistent Mild to Persistent Moderate

Treatment Start Date: February 16, 2010

Failed Treatments: Murad Acne Complex, Proactiv, Clean and Clear, Neutrogena Products

Present Treatments: Inova Pads, Retin-A Micro, BenzaClin, Obagi Cleanser and Clear (bleaching cream for hyperpigmentation)

Progress Goal Date(s):

March 23rd: Hope to see some improvement

April23rd: More Improvement

May 23rd: Super Improvement, Less Blemishes and hyperpigmentation

June 23rd: No Acne and No HyperPigmentation

I will try and post every other day. I am a teacher and a grad student so bear with me...time is valuable :D