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Week Five: Day Thirty five



Oookay so I gave in and itched my face,..lots,..and I sat out in the sun,..bad for dark spots. But I'm getting better healthwise. It was easy to feel I was still sick buut its way better then it was and I had a note to get out of gym class. I'm excused for tomorrow too and I leave for ALLSTATE thursday. WOOOOO. I'm hecka nervous >w< Well not really,..I know I'm prepared its ust a matter of not physicking(sp) myself out. Last time I thought I was find and I was SOO shaky. The first thing they said after I was done while they were deciding what to do with me was 'she seemed nervous!' and my tone was more airy then usual. (I dislike how they only chose the Rondo. The Andante is a way better udge of musicianship. They should have both >:D) I still got third chair but,..thats only with half the state. So I really don't know what to expect.

My face is doing fine. Its going to be 'fine' for a long time if not forever because I have dark spots and no sunscreen or money to get sunscreen. Okay I have to go work on an essay now bye people.