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Dry Dry Dry



Ok so I missed my 3 day mark for posting. But any ways here goes. I have officially finished week one of treatment. So far the most significant side effect has been dry lips. So dry that I am considering buying stock in chapstick! Actually I have been using the Aquaphor as suggested. My skin is really dry and weird on my face. My makeup looks terrible after about 3 hours, almost to the point where I should probably just wash my face and start all over. That's not going to happen though. And no makeup is not an option. So I am just using a really good moisturizer and touching up the best I can.

I am feeling a little more tired than usual but I am also very busy so I may just be more cognicent of the fact my life is so chaotic.

My chin is broke out pretty bad right now and I am getting a pretty deep nasty pimple on my cheek. Hopefully it just goes away soon and doesn't get too inflamed. For now concealer is still working so I will stick with it.

Other than that things are good.