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Day 15/16



Hello again

soo as promised this is my day 15 update. I’m sort of upset that I didn’t sign up for this site before I started accutane so I could keep a more inclusive diary, but it’s only day 15 so what the hell?

Oh really important background info I started accutane having just gotten off a heavy duty antibiotic so my acne wasn’t all that bad, aside from this PLANET on the side of my face. seriously I know people say that all the time on here but that sucker was Guinness book of records huge it was about two inches in diameter and it stuck out maybe half an inch- it took up the whole left side of my face-not to mention it was there for a whopping 4 months. My derm injected it- it popped four times and STILL wouldn’t go away, she was going to inject it again but opted to wait it out some more. I wish I were kidding-but no.

FACE-lets start off with my face in general-shall we? I have about 9 active cysts right now the one right above my right eyebrow is quite nice don’t you think? HA! and I can feel a large lurker coming in slightly to the right of my left eyebrow towards the space in-between my eyebrows. which should be fun. that one under my mole has been there for about two months and the pair above my right eyebrow have been there for awhile too, they just decidedly got WAY bigger once I started accutane. I was looking in the mirror earlier and decided that if every single blackhead in the entire world got together and had a party it wouldn’t even compare to what I’ve got going on-on my face every pore on my nose, the inner part of my cheeks and my chin is a blackhead. I have a few random smaller pimples that will go away with a day or two, and I obviously have my fair share of scarring. on the positive side the constant excess oil problem is gone- in exchange for a few scaly-flakey places

LIPS- ok soo as you tell by my pictures my lips are pretty much screwed the two red patch things on either side of my lips were...drum roll please.. pimples!!! they have since popped turned into lovely red scab/dry skin areas that crack every time I open my mouth. and then the lips themselves are cracked and disgusting but there’s really nothing to be done besides constant aquaphor application.

BACK- my back is surprisingly doing ok I feel little guys but nothing so huge that it’s keeping me from sleeping on my back so all is well in that department.

OTHER SKIN- my hands are not holding up too well, but other than that nothing is too dry yet- my scalp on the other hand is an atrocity it was so oily before that I would have to wash it every day- sometimes twice a day, but now its soo dandruffy that I have to wash it everyday. trade one bad for another :D oh and non-accutane related I have a cluster of like 7 bugs bite on my ankle- very annoying!

MOOD- well before I started this process and even now, i have firmly believed that accutane doesn’t make anyone depressed out of the blue, but I would be lying if I said my mood hasn’t been all-in-all pretty shitty since starting. I think its a combination of the fact that I was unhappy with a lot of things before accutane and now its just bringing everything to the surface- again I don’t think its caused my depression- it kinda just brings everything to the forefront so you have to emotionally face them. take for instance the fact that I’ve been unhappy with my weight for about a year or that I have very few friends at school- it’s all coming at once because I’ve already let my emotional guard down to embark on the accutane journey. so I’ve been crying a lot lately and I’ve isolated myself a little but I have always been a very resilient person it’s only a matter of time before I start feeling better about myself.

BODY- I went on a walk around my city a few days ago and I have been paying for it ever since, especially my knees. And I have noticed a few extra aches and pains in my back. But what’s really strange is that when I go to lay down to go to sleep my left leg gets this weird tingly feeling. It starts off slow and kind of cold, but the heats up and increases, and I have to get up and walk around to get rid of it. I can’t really explain it, but I wish it would go away! anyone else experience that? Ohh also I’ve been having trouble sleeping; I’ll be tired all day but then awake right when I go to try to sleep it’s soo weird.

well I guess that’s all of it for day 15. message me with any questions or comments or words of wisdom- you know- whatever!!

Hope Everyone is doing well- under the circumstances... :D

Oh here are the products I use just in case anyone is interested

* Burts Bees “Radiance†facial cleanser- with royal jelly

. I use this only because I left my cetaphil at home and this is what my school store had- I

wouldn’t necessarily recommend it-smells good though.

*Cetaphil daily moisturizer spf 15

. I only use this at night in a really thick coating because, believe it or not, my oil glands still

have a bit of fight in them and would cause my face to look oily during the day if I were to

use it in the morning

*Banana Boat Sun Wear daily sun block moisture mist spf 50

. I should be using this waaayy more but I can only bring myself to use it when I know for a

fact I’ll be out in the sun for a long time


-Gods gift to accutane users-seriously if you don’t have it, buy it!


Hello! Thank you for commenting in my blog. I also was going to do a journalism major, and then decided on perhaps theatre studies, then maybe something in broadcast radio and ended up taking General Studies and not doing any of those things.ANYWAYS - if you want to get a link to your blog, go to the signature setting and click on "BB code" at the bottom and it should show you how to. That's how I did it anyways and I'm awfully inept at computers.Good luck with your course! I'll be keeping track of your blog :-

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