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Day 7!



One week!

Today I am upping my dosage. Took 40mg in the morning and will take another 40mg at night, then tomorrow I'll flip back to 40...so it evens out to 60mg/day for the next week.

Skin: looked a little red today, almost like my skin was tanned (I'm usually quite pale). I've had a few small white heads pop up on my chin area, nothing major but I do feel like it may get worse.

No noticeable change in dryness

I'm still taking all my supplements and trying to eat well. I've also switched my workout sched around. Doing less volume during weight lifting and increasing my Yoga practice.

I usually have a huge healthy appetite and if anything I think it's decreased a bit...but maybe it's more to do with me planning on breaking out the Brazilian bikini when I head to Brazil in a month!