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Day/Night 4



Skin condition: Some new whiteheads - but I can't stand a screaming whitehead on my face so... yah I broke the cardinal rule on Accutane and picked. But carefully. Blackheads in the corners of my nose are coming to the surface, it's like i can alllllmost see them. I want to go to town on my face, but I just have to stop myself. Painful one on my neck, but it came to a head and with a little pressure popped this afternoon, now it's just super red. But it seems that I'm breaking out less than usual so it's not the dreaded IB.

Side effects: my shoulder and knees are sore--think I'll up the fish/flax oil intake and throw in some Glucosamine. Dry lips but manageable, eyes feel like when I go visit my mom in the desert but the left one seems more itchy. My whole body was kinda itchy so I got some Aveeno skin relief body wash. It helped for sure. My scalp was kinda itchy too. Whether it was from all the hairspray I used yesterday to hold the curl for the big night out or it's drying out, I picked up some Jojoba oil at the health food store. My friend is a hairstylist, she recommended Bumble and Bumble's Alojoba shampoo/conditioner since it has jojoba in it.

Yesterday I wore new shoes to dinner and the tops of my toes are covered in blisters. I hope the tane hasn't taken so much effect yet that they'll be slow to heal. They sting like nobody's business. Showering was not pleasant.

It was so nice to not be so obsessive about how shiny I was! Usually I excuse myself a few times to use blotter sheets and/or powder. I only went once because I was unsure (not used to not illuminating the room with my forehead), and didn't even need anything! I love this prescription already. Wish I would've tried this all along and hand't fought it so hard. The clinique redness solutions day cream is so nice, fast absorbing, no fragrance, and has a cooling sensation. My face flushes so easy so this is just wonderful.

Work still no fun, but I've come to ignore the supervisor that loves to tear us down to nothing. Other than that, just enjoying the olympics with some girl scout cookies and snuggling on the couch with my fluffy dog. She keeps me warm :D


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