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Month 3...maybe



I went to the doctor today to get my prescription for month 3 of Claravis. Usually after I take my pregnancy test at the hospital and go home, I get the call about an hour later to answer my questions online. Today they haven't called! I'm a little nervous...but the receptionist said that it usually takes a few days for the lab to call. (Even though the last few times it's been in the same day.) The hospital is going through some changes though and I'm HOPING that's what it is. Anyway, I haven't been taking my pills because I ran out but my skin hasn't reacted badly at all. My doctor said the drug stays in my body for about 42 days so I shouldn't worry about it. I also asked about the scarring on my face. I was worried because my skin is smooth but I still have red/purple marks where my acne used to be. The doctor told me that it's pigmentation and it will go away with time. No more nose bleeds too! (Normal boogers yay!)