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hey everybody!

Well I've been on the regimen for about a week and I'm not sure I'm happy with the results. My face FEELS cleaner and fresher but it still doesn't look like anything is happening. I know it's only been a week, but my acne actually seems to be getting WORSE. I now have these enormous painful pimples on my cheeks and I rarely get these. It just looks like I'm getting more acne than I had a week ago. Here is the regimen I am using right now:

Morning and Night:

1. Clean and clear makeup dissolving foaming cleanser

2. Neutrogena On the Spot BP

3. Cetaphil moisturizer

I don't get it...

Anyway, recently my friend has told me about Accutane. She's done it, and her face is now completely clear. But she listed off SO MANY side effects I'm not sure it's worth it. I've done some research and almost all the reviews say that it's worth it, but I'm not fully convinced. I play soccer, and if I get all achy and stuff and nose bleeds and dry eyes (and I wear contacts), I won't be able to play as well. Also, I've heard it's pretty expensive...Any suggestions as to what I should do? Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated:)

Thanks guys!

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Hi soccergirl, I think you are having you're IB now, it will pass. I've been in the same situation, had a massive breakout for about a week. My skin is now looking better than it has been in months, and so will yours. Accutane is different with everybody, some lucky few don't get an IB. I do know that intensive physical exercise is not advised during the accutane treatment. I'm not sure as for the expenses, I get accutane through my health care insurance. You could contact them and ask. However do you get your accutane prescribed by a derm? He/she will be able to help you on all your questions as well as the expense question. Take care, hope others on acne.org can help you a bit more. XO karen

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