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Week Five: Day Thirty Four



Although the worst of my cough came on strong last night and first thing this morning I've learned how to control it and I believe I'm getting my appetite back. Which is good considering I have school tomorrow. I need to start/finish an essay for my english class,..I thought doing it early would of been overachieving but then I realized if I don't do it today I'll have to do the whole thing tomorrow. So if anything I'm starting it late. My internal clock is all off from taking so much time off from school >.<

At least I finished my math homework and understand polynomials better! My skin is also doing pretty good! I think I have three zits left. One on each cheek, practically symmetrical to each other. My chin has this weird bump on it, not really a zit but it hurts if I push on it and its pretty big but blends in with the skin most of the time, sometimes more of a purpleish tint then the sourounding skin. I think this is a nodule, but I'm not sure. I've gotten one there before so its not from the regimen, and although big and slow to dissapear I think I'd take it over a papule :D.

I'm on my second to last day of antibiotics, tomorrow's my last day and its questionable if I'm going to school or not. I kind of don't want to. If anything for sympathy because then they would of been like "daanng she was SICK" to have been out for a week. Also my dad'll want me to skip running for sure until this bronchitis is completely gone (Which SUCKS because track starts next week)


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