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Day 84



Well. My skin looks good. Waiting for some scares to fade and it will be terrific. Yesterday I went on a date, and I wasn't even worried about my skin at all. Still, I hate first dates. There is nothing more awkward than a first date. And it went ok, I'm just not ready to date I don't think. Plus, I have another 3 months of this and I just would really rather get it all done with before I start dating someone new. I'm really happy I 'm not with my ex boyfriend during this time tho. I knew we weren't right so I think if we were still together I would be using him for the comfort and not because it was right. Then how horrible would it be if one I'm done with my treatment to be like, welp, thanks for the support, bye. No way, I would feel indebted to him. So this is just much better, and I'm proud of myself for going it alone. We'll see what happens. Maybe if I learn to trust this guy I went on a date with last night then I will give him a shot. I just really have a hard time letting guys in. So he'll really have to prove himself before getting over my great wall. And in the mean time, lets hope my skin stays clear :D

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Good call on the boyfriend! Last year when my face was TERRIBLE I totally felt worthless and used my long term boyfriend as a support. The poor kid had to put up with a lot...and it made me feel even more worthless and indebted to him. Not a healthy emotion for a relationship.We broke up last fall--at the time my skin was beautiful from doryx...but I'm glad that he's not going through accutane with me. I need to regain my sense of autonomy and worth within myself before I let someone else build off of that!You rock girl! And hey, if you hate 1st dates...maybe you should at least have a second to see if it will redeem itself :-

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