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day 35 claravis 40mg/day



Well, it's day 35, and I've been bumped up to 40 mg/day. My triglycerides were a little higher than they like to see (I think I saw her write 210 down...how bad is that??) so she put me on fish oil twice a day, and I have to go back in a week to have them check my triglycerides. I'm just crossing my fingers that they'll go down because I do NOT want to be taken off claravis. After all the shit I've been through, I just want to get it over with, and I can't imagine stopping after I've put so much hope in this treatment. I've definitely noticed that I'm drier (crap, it's that word again). I wake up in the morning with extremely dry skin, especially on my cheeks. I definitely need quality lotion, I slept over at my parents' house last night and they only had a cheap walgreens brand, and it did NOT work as well as my cetaphil, I put it on twice this morning and was still dry. But thankfully I'm back at my apartment with my cetaphil and my army of medications! :D