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Birth Control Pills can CAUSE acne



If you google acne and birth control pills, most of the sites you will get will say that birth control pills can help prevent acne for girls. While this may be true for some girls, it is also true that BCP’s can actually CAUSE acne in some women who had no acne issues before. I believe birth control pills are mainly responsible for most of the adult acne we see in women nowadays who had no acne issues in their teens. Even for women like me with mild genetic acne which is easily controllable with topicals, BCP’s can cause cystic acne.

I am a high school teacher and see 16 yr old girls in my class who are taking BCP’s. They also discuss taking these in class as if it is like popping candies. I have friends who have been taking BCP’s for 10+ years. When they get married and want to start a family, they stop taking these pills and that’s when their face explodes for some of them. If you have been feeding your body synthetic hormones for so many years, you cannot expect it to go back to normal immediately. BCP hormones make the body think that you are already pregnant, so you don’t ovulate. Once you stop the pills, your body is confused, and has to start making its own hormones and start ovulation. Some people bodies may adjust within a year, for some maybe 5 years, and for some maybe even more. But the acne which BCP’s can cause is not the garden variety pimples, this is deep cystic acne, usually on the chin and the jawline and sometimes even between the eyebrows. You might get hard sebum plugs in these places as well. I have seen people go on accutane (a chemotherapy drug) to control their cystic acne caused by BCP. Not only that, BCP can also increase your risk for cancer. Young girls who take BCP often don’t use condoms because they think they are protected against pregnancy. While the BCP can be very good contraceptive but it does not protect against STD’s. Only condoms can give protection against STD’s if used properly.

We talk about women’s liberation but this is not liberation if only women have to take synthetic hormones to prevent pregnancy and men don’t need to do any such thing.


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